Introduction to Ovi Games

Gaming on a mobile device has been a popular pastime for many years and for Nokia users, there are some amazing Ovi games that can be enjoyed. At the Ovi Store, there are a ton of games in all different genres that can be enjoyed for hours of entertainment. With Ovi games, the game titles can instantly be downloaded to the device or they can be downloaded to a PC and then transferred to the Nokia device. These games are available in free and paid formats, based on the title that is being selected.

These games are all available or entertainment and there are action games, sports titles, adventure games, strategy games, casino games and much more. Players will find new and exciting titles and with millions of downloads worldwide, Ovi games are at the top of the list for any Nokia user.

Summary of Popular Ovi Games

With hundreds of games that are available, players will find unique games that will provide them with hours of gaming action. Below, there are reviews and a general overview of some of the most popular games that are being played today, many of which offer multi-player modes. The games are well designed and operate smoothly, offering an incredible gaming experience right on the Nokia device. Since Nokia is competing with Apple and Google, players will find games from top developers so they can play the leading titles that are instantly accessed through the device.

Ovi Games

1942 Air Combat

Straight from Capcom, 1942 Air Combat is an arcade style game that offers exciting shoot-em up action. The game emphasizes dogfighting tactics and allows players top fly a war plane and fight against other planes and ground targets. The game is presented in 2D and offers a traditional shooter game with a bit of real time strategy for excitement. Carry out missions in a World War II setting and enjoy the rewards as missions are accomplished. There is a ton of game play offered with this title and the graphics and sounds are pleasing and truly enhance the overall feel of the game. There is now an Android app for this game for enthusiasts that can be found by visiting the Play Store by clicking here.

Bejeweled Twist

Bejeweled Twist is a great game for any fans of the original bejewelled classic. With this game, there are three different modes of play and each presents players with challenging puzzles. The goal is to match similar gems on the screen to make them disappear for massive rewards. This is a great game for those that enjoy problem solving and puzzle action and with some nice features like bombs, the game is not only entertaining, but a mind boggling challenge that will leave players wanting more. Bejeweled Twist is easily controlled on any Nokia device and offers bright and vivid colors for visual appeal.


BlockGo is a great puzzle game that resembles the poplar Bulldozer game from years ago. The goal of the game is to load the red block to the passage on the right by sliding around other blocks on the screen. While this may sound simple, there are some challenges that are faced. The horizontal and vertical blocks can only move in one direction, so players will have to figure out how to get the red block were it needs to be to win and progress to the next level. There are 99 levels to the game and five levels of difficulty, so it will surely challenge the most experienced puzzler.

Bubble Popper Deluxe

This game is a simple, yet exciting puzzle game that will entertain players for hours on end. Though the game is pretty basic, it is also very addicting and players will find themselves returning for more action. The game requires players to fire off different coloured bubbles on one side of the screen to get them to join a pack on the other side of the screen. Match small bubbles with a larger one of the same color to make them disappear. Matching two small bubbles will transform them into a large one, which can be used to remove them from the screen for more points. As players achieve different levels, the difficulty of the game will increase.

No Limit Casino 12 Pack

While playing in a real life casino may not appeal to all, playing online casino games through mobile devices is fun and entertaining for players located across the globe. With No Limit Casino 12 Pack, there are a variety of games that can be enjoyed right in the palm of the hand and at no financial risk. This game selection offers a collection of mini games, including online pokie, roulette, blackjack, poker and video poker. There is also blackjack trivia offered. The online casino games are all played following standard rules and provide a chance for any gambler to enjoy some free action and instant access. If you enjoy the idea of playing online pokie type apps you may like to visit the reviews page of a website like Australian Online Casino by clicking here, there you'll find a unique selection of reviews of top casino sites for Aussie players in which to enjoy. Every one of the brands listed on this site offer a mobile and tablet version and some also offer download standalone apps as well.

Classic Card Games

Any player that enjoys playing card games will benefit from Classic Card Games. This download offers a compilation of some of the best card games ever played. With this, players can enjoy games of Hearts, Spades and Rummy. The games are all players through the Nokia device and the games are easy to play and easy top control. While the graphics in these games are rather standard, the different game titles will provide great entertainment and since there are multiple games offered with a single application, Classic Card Games is a top choice for any fan of classic games.

World Series of Poker Pro Challenge

Poker fans can get ready to engage in a great version of poker that is played right through their mobile device. This game allows players to play against some of the best poker professionals in the industry and they can enjoy one-on-one poker action. There are also tournaments that can be played where the winner will collect bracelets. Though there is no real money exchanged in this game, it is a great option for players who enjoy the action of poker and wish to play with the pros and enjoy feeling as though they are competing in one of the greatest poker events in the world. For more info on this game you can read about it on Wikipedia by clicking here.