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Smartphones and Beyond

Guest writer David Addington brings us a detailed review of one of the landmark texts in the smartphone industry and a superbly detailed history of Symbian itself. Read the review and then grab the (e)book!

Posted by Rafe Blandford, Steve Litchfield at 14:45 UTC, January 21st

King Oddball

If ever there was an aptly named game, it is the subject of this review, King Oddball. The game is yet another physics simulation (which is no bad thing), but it's more a game of timing. As King Oddball swings back and forth, held by his tongue, you have to choose the right moment to release, so as to create the most havoc and destruction on the tanks and helicopters waiting below. Yes, this game is that strange, but is it equally addictive?

Posted by David Gilson at 7:13 UTC, November 20th

Warspear Online

Calling all Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) fans. As unlikely as a phone-based MMORPG sounds, that's exactly what Warspear Online is, and is available for Symbian no less. If you enjoy the swords and sorcery type of world that has been made iconic in recent years by the likes of World of Warcraft and Runescape, then Warspear Online could be your cup of tea - or should that be Mana potion?

Posted by David Gilson at 6:15 UTC, November 7th

Super Robot

If you're an arcade action addict then today's application should attract you, as you control an articulated android who is tasked with anti-virus duties across the globe. Yes, as strange as it might sound, this game puts you in control of a virtual robot who wonders the plains of cyberspace dispatching viruses and other nasty bits of code lurking here and there.

Posted by David Gilson at 11:49 UTC, November 2nd

Pyramid Solitaire

So Symbian has plenty of frantic puzzle games and awe inspiring 3D adventures, but what if you want something more sedate? What about a nice game of solitaire - yes, I know you've probably played that until you're blue in the face, but stick with me as this is a little different to the standard fare. Pyramid Solitaire takes a different, ahem, angle on the solitary card game.

Posted by David Gilson at 7:50 UTC, October 31st


Ever fancied doing a 'Howard from Big Bang Theory' and driving the Mars rover? Here's your chance, with FantasyCar giving you the choice of five different vehicles and four landscapes (farm, dirt track, moon and Mars) and a selection of increasingly tricky obstacles to slam your vehicle over. No matter that you'll virtually destroy the vehicle in the process, the physics are 99% spot on, making it all more fun than should be legal when in charge of a billion dollar space car....

Posted by Steve Litchfield at 6:32 UTC, October 26th

Wrath of the Titans

If Greek legend is your taste, then the official Symbian game for the movie Wrath of the Titans is something to take a look at. That is, if you like the idea of romping around ancient Greece slashing your way through hordes of monsters and hybrid beasts. If you're wondering whether you'll find an enchanting Andromeda at the end of it all, there's only one way to find out!

Posted by David Gilson at 6:14 UTC, October 24th

DownFall HD

Are you in the mood for some good old fashioned block dropping puzzle action? If so then we have a review for you. DownFall is a retro-looking Columns clone that adds a few novel twists to the tried and tested genre. On first impressions DownFall appears to be just another Columns clone, in some ways it is, in some ways it is more limited, and in other ways it is a lot more.

Posted by David Gilson at 8:31 UTC, September 11th

Little Big City

If you're business minded, and you're the sort of gamer who likes resource management games like SIM City or Farm Frenzy, then you might like today's game, Little Big City. This spin on the city simulator genre tasks you with transforming a cosy back water into a bustling metropolis. With the inclusion of real-world micro-payments in exchange for more resources, does Little Big City have what it takes to part you from your money?

Posted by David Gilson at 6:05 UTC, August 17th


Keeping on with summer blockbuster tie-ins, we're looking at the game of Pixar's latest movie, Brave. The film is set in 10th Century Scotland and tells the tale of the teenage princess Merida, who is trying to win her freedom from the life that has been mapped out for her from before her birth.  The game tie-in is a 2D sideways scrolling adventure that follows the events of the film – do you have what it takes to win your (or Merida's) freedom?

Posted by David Gilson at 6:49 UTC, August 15th

The Amazing Spiderman

Calling all comic book fans – if your Spidey sense is tingling for a good old fashioned beat 'em up romp, then we might have a game for you. The Amazing Spiderman is the official game tie-in for the latest Spiderman reboot of the same name. Bucking the trend of modern 3D adventure games, as seen in Ultimate Spiderman: Total Mayhem HD, The Amazing Spiderman takes us back to the old days of consoles where arcane button sequences were used to access special combat moves and combinations. How well does it work on a 3.5" touchscreen phone?

Posted by David Gilson at 7:00 UTC, August 14th


Sometimes the old ones are the best ones; and a very old type of puzzle is the humble jigsaw, which hasn't seen much of a representation in the era of computer gaming. That's what Phuzzled is seeking to set right, while at the same time breathing new life into your old photos. Does it make for a fun game or a passing novelty?

Posted by David Gilson at 12:10 UTC, July 31st

Romance of Rome

If you have an eye for detail, you are just the person for today's puzzle game, Romance of Rome. You follow the life of Marcus, a young man trying to make his mark on Roman society. Your job is to help by finding objects hidden on sumptuously drawn backgrounds; but where's the romance in that? Well, finding valuable objects and completing tasks for the well to-do people of Rome will help him to win the heart of a certain young lady.

Posted by David Gilson at 6:03 UTC, July 13th

Cyberlords Arcology

Do you like the idea of cybernetic enhancements, and being guided through a mysterious mission by an enigmatic artificial intelligence? If so, chances you're probably a cyberpunk fan and you've maybe read William Gibson's Neuromancer. With Cyberlords Arcology we have an adventure set in the next century where you control a team of hackers and weapon specialists, as you explore the city of Asgard Arcology. Despite the futuristic theme, it's a good old fashioned role playing adventure game. If you're interested, download our review into your neural implant!

Posted by David Gilson at 6:52 UTC, July 3rd


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