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Bobba is a virtual world for mobile phones made by Sulake, the creators of Habbo. Bobba is intended for a slightly older audience than Habbo, and has more mature Sims-like graphics.

Genres: Miscellaneous, Online Multiplayer, Simulation, Freeware || Publisher: Sulake, Developer: Sulake, Availability: Out Now (Released in September 2009)

Fridge Magnets Touch (aka Fridge Magnets)

A connected application which lets you interact with random strangers around the world by moving fridge magnets on a shared screen.

Genres: Miscellaneous, Online Multiplayer, Freeware || Publisher: Offscreen, Developer: Offscreen, Availability: Out Now (Released in July 2009)

Lexulous Crossword Game

Lexulous is the new name for the game Scrabulous which was a big hit on Facebook. It's essentially the same game as Scrabble but using a different name. The name "Scrabulous" caused legal difficulties for the publishers as it was so close to "Scrabble", so they changed it to "Lexulous".

Genres: Card and Board, Online Multiplayer, Puzzle || Publisher: Lexulous, Developer: Lexulous, Availability: Out Now (Released in May 2009)

Reversi Online

This is a version of the classic board game Reversi (aka Othello), but with a number of playing options: online multiplayer through the internet, hotseat multiplayer by passing a single phone between two people, and offline single player against the phone's AI. There's also an online league table.

Genres: Card and Board, Online Multiplayer || Publisher: 1C Wireless, Developer: 1C Wireless, Availability: Out Now (Released in May 2009)

Tibia Micro Edition

Tibia ME is the world's first Massively Multiplayer Online RPG for mobile phones, which takes place in a real time fantasy world shared with thousands of other players. It's been operating since 2004, and has built up a cult following in the mobile gaming world.

Genres: Online Multiplayer, RPG, Recommended || Publisher: CipSoft, Developer: CipSoft, Availability: Out Now


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