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DChoc Cafe Hold Em Poker out now on N-Gage

Published by Tzer2 at 19:29 UTC, April 21st 2009

DChoc Cafe Hold Em Poker is now available in the N-Gage application's showroom section. Just go to the N-Gage application on your device, go to the Showroom tab, select "Options" and then "Update Now" to see it in the latest games list (alternatively you can select "Show All Games"). To find out more about the N-Gage platform including a list of compatible phones, try reading the All About N-Gage FAQ.

Categories: Software, Games
Platforms: Series 60, N-Gage, S60 3rd Edition, N-Gage

News Discussion

There's no online multiplayer in this, though the upcoming N-Gage version of Million Dollar Poker apparently does have online multiplayer for up to 6 people.

However DChoc Cafe does have pass-around multiplayer, which is better than nothing.

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