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Next Gen N-Gage games revealed

Published by Tzer2 at 10:59 UTC, August 29th 2007

Nokia's sparkly brand new official N-Gage website and their press releases at the recent Go Play event in London have revealed a greatly expanded list of the first games to appear on the Next Gen N-Gage platform. Click on this news item for the full list!

Here's the games revealed on either the new N-Gage site or in the official Nokia press release. More details will be available later:


Asphalt 3: Street Rules

Block Breaker Deluxe

Bounce: Boing Voyage (N-Gage Exclusive)

Brain Challenge

Brothers In Arms

Crash Bandicoot (exact game unknown, it'll have Crash in it though) 



Hooked On: Creatures Of The Deep (N-Gage Exclusive)

Midnight Poker 

Midnight Pool 3D

Mile High Pinball (N-Gage Exclusive)

One (N-Gage Exclusive)

Pro Series Golf (N-Gage Exclusive)

Sims 2: Pets

Snakes Subsonic (N-Gage Exclusive)

Space Impact Kappa Base (N-Gage Exclusive)

Super Mah Jong 

System Rush Evolution (N-Gage Exclusive)


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 

World Rally Championship (FIA WRC official licence) 

World Series Of Poker Pro Challenge 


We know this list is incomplete though, as there are several publishers which have declared their support for the platform but haven't yet revealed which games they'll publish on Next Gen N-Gage: Capcom, Digital Chocolate, Indiagames and THQ have all got games on the way that haven't been announced yet.

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News Discussion

Appears to be an impressive line up of games,cant wait to sample them out!
"cant wait to sample them out!"

That will actually be easier than you might think, they'll apparently have free demos of every game available from day one.

Hopefully that kind of demo-oriented platform will automatically improve the quality of games, because people aren't going to buy the full game if the demo plays badly.
Looking foward to trying out Asphalt 3 &WRC,as well as Mile High Pinball (was a big fan of the game for the original N-Gage,thought it was one of the best games for the original N-Gage).
That's 23 confirmed games already, plus at least four more from the publishers who haven't announced titles yet.

Also, perhaps more significantly, this launch includes many first party games from Nokia which are exclusive to the Next Gen N-Gage platform. The original N-Gage didn't have ANY first party exclusives at its launch, and it could be that the original N-Gage would have done much better if it had waited for its own first party exclusives to appear. Nokia appears to have learnt this lesson with the Next Gen.

"Mile High Pinball (was a big fan of the game for the original N-Gage,thought it was one of the best games for the original N-Gage)."

Yeah, the original N-Gage had loads of really good games which came out towards the end of its life, so very few people actually new about them. I hope these games get a second chance on Next Gen, like Mile High Pinball has received.
Any chance of a new PtG (or a re-hash of the originals), that would be great at launch time.

Oh dear, now I have gone all misty eyed, I may have to hunt out the old N-Gage at the back of the draw for a quick game or two.
Mr Sparkle, I was surprised they didn't have a new PTG as it was by far their most acclaimed game on the original N-Gage.

However, it appears that RedLynx, the makers of PTG, are doing a Next Gen N-Gage game called Project White Rock. We don't know much about it except that it will be playable both on the phones and on your PC.

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