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Tetris & Block Breaker Deluxe go live on N-Gage

Tetris from Electronic Arts and Block Breaker Deluxe from Gameloft are now available to download via the N-Gage client showroom. The name Tetris will be familiar to most game players, but you can still check out the specifics in our review of the N-Gage implementation of the game. We're not sure the masses will be rushing to download this one, especially with the likes of S-Tris available for free. Block Breaker Deluxe might be a better bet - it is a Breakout clone which was the first new N-Gage game we reviewed.

Posted by Rafe Blandford at 16:27 UTC, April 25th || 6 Comments

The N-Gage Application: Nice, but needs to be nicer

The new N-Gage application has now officially launched, and allows anyone with an N81, N82 or N95 access to the gaming platform, with more phone models due to get the app soon. It generally works pretty well, but this special editorial argues that the app has some shortcomings which need fixing now that the platform has left beta testing.

Posted by Tzer2 at 15:15 UTC, April 14th || 0 Comments

Mippin Opens up Free Gaming Section

Mobile Content Portal Mippin continues to launch new features for its user base, and today sees the highly inventive 'Free Games' section of the site launched. With a couple of hundred games (supplied by Greystripe) to be rotated on a regular basis, Mippin is giving users another sticky reason to use the site.

Posted by Ewan Spence at 14:42 UTC, April 9th || 2 Comments

FIFA 08 added to N-Gage

We suspect that the game of refreshing N-Gage's showroom each night may become a regular event. FIFA 08 was added to the show room at the begining of the week. It was part of the initial N-Gage preview client seen from last Autumn, but is now available in full, for real. The full version adds a number of extra options such as on screen tutorials challenges, and the option to play tournaments and full season, but the gameplay remains much the same.

Posted by Rafe Blandford, Steve Litchfield at 20:59 UTC, April 8th || 7 Comments

Astraware Boardgames gets a big thumbs up!

Fed up waiting for N-Gage to go live? Console yourselves with this brand new games compilation from PDA maestros Astraware. After yesterday's announcement, and after a week or so of actual pre-release gameplay, Ewan presents his review of Astraware Boardgames, for both S60 3rd Edition and UIQ 3. Summary: classic games, well pitched and well implemented, Boardgames only falls short of Megagame status by a gnat's whisker.

Posted by Steve Litchfield at 12:15 UTC, April 1st || 2 Comments

Our first next gen N-Gage review: Block Breaker Deluxe

As the games have started arriving, we've started reviewing. Up first is Gameloft's Block Breaker Deluxe, a clone of the Breakout/Arkanoid genre with a glittery 1980s twist. Can this glamour-filled remake stand out in an already-crowded field?

Posted by Tzer2 at 11:30 UTC, February 22nd || 0 Comments

Some plausible suggestions for improving N-Gage

What would you like to see on N-Gage in the long term? We've come up with ten suggestions which we think are do-able and would be good for the platform, click here and see what you think of them. As always, comments are very welcome.

Posted by Tzer2 at 8:11 UTC, February 22nd || 10 Comments

Nokia and Popcap Go SNAP at GDC

Popcap Games (or the online gaming equivalent of crack cocaine) have inked an agreement with Nokia to bring a number of their titles to mobile, and to use the SNAP mobile  platform to provide multi-player support for the Java based titles. In rough terms, SNAP is similar to the N-Gage Arena, but primarily for J2ME applications, and it can also be run by a network provider as their own gaming portal (eg YourNetwork Gaming Portal, SNAP powered), which should make the networks as happy as the gamers.

Posted by Ewan Spence at 16:51 UTC, February 19th || 1 Comment

Glu Mobile announces N-Gage line up

At the Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Fransisco Glu Mobile and Nokia unveiled a number of new N-Gage games. The Dark Knight ties in with the new Batman movie and sees you fighting to eradicate crime in Gotham city. SPEED RACER, also tying in with an upcoming movie, is a racing game while Super Slam Ping Pong is a fight title in the style of Super K.O. Boxing.

Posted by Rafe Blandford at 20:40 UTC, February 18th || 1 Comment

Nokia's Yamake Introduces User Generated Gaming to S60

Yamake has broken cover, in the latest N-Gage press release. A 'game creating game,' players are able to pick and mix their own games from a  range of mini-games, add in their own skins, themes, text, sound clips and movies from their PC. These can then be uploaded and shared with the rest of the Yamake community.

Posted by Ewan Spence at 10:51 UTC, February 14th || 0 Comments
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