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DChoc Cafe Solitaire 12 Pack out now on N-Gage

The card game DChoc Cafe Solitaire 12 Pack is now available on the N-Gage platform. You can download it by going to the application's showroom section, then selecting "Options" and "Update Now". Alternatively you may want to try out the unofficial games Astraware Solitaire or some of the other card and board games available for N-Gage-compatible devices.

Posted by Tzer2 at 18:16 UTC, October 21st || 5 Comments

Pro Series Golf updated to fix compatibility problems, now available on 5320 too

Nokia's Pro Series Golf has been updated to a new version which fixes compatibility problems with v1.10 of the N-Gage application. This means it should now work properly with the latest N-Gage app update, and it also means it's now available on the 5320 XpressMusic for the first time. You can get the latest version by downloading the trial from the Showroom, if you've already bought the game it should automatically unlock itself into the purchased version.

Posted by Tzer2 at 13:59 UTC, October 8th || 1 Comment

Classic emulators come to the Unofficial Games section

We've now added a selection of computer and console emulators to All About N-Gage's Unofficial Games section, so you can play the games of yesteryear on your N-Gage-compatible phone. They can be slightly complicated to use, but once you've got the hang of it they're all broadly similar.

Posted by Tzer2 at 12:22 UTC, September 24th || 4 Comments

Getting the most from your N-Gage phone - Part 1: Installing the N-Gage app

All About N-Gage is setting out on a new series of articles which will explore what your N-Gage-compatible phone is capable of, with both gaming and non-gaming topics. The first in the series looks at a really easy method for installing N-Gage directly onto compatible phones, which doesn't even require a computer.

Posted by Tzer2 at 9:37 UTC, July 23rd || 1 Comment

Midnight Pool now available on N-Gage

The 3D simulator Midnight Pool is now available in the N-Gage application's showroom. If you can't see it, click on the headline for instructions on how to make it appear. You can see some screenshots and the official trailer on AAN's Midnight Pool game page.

Posted by Tzer2 at 9:02 UTC, June 27th || 11 Comments

How can the N-Gage application be improved in the next version?

The N-Gage application has a lot going for it: it's simple to use, the controls are intuitive and the icons are crisp and clear. However, there's also still a lot that's wrong with it, from jittering transitions before games to point pickup notices that are unreadable. AAN revisits the N-Gage app and asks what still needs to be fixed for the next version. If you have any of your own suggestions, please do post them in the comments thread of this item.

Posted by Tzer2 at 17:58 UTC, June 23rd || 2 Comments

Get your pooper scoopers ready, here comes Sims 2: Pets!

The puppy simulator Sims 2: Pets has arrived on N-Gage. Is it a case of Best In Show or has the game ended up in the doghouse? Read All About N-Gage's complete review to find out, and also check out the exclusive new screenshots. Update: We've done a seven minute gameplay video which we've embedded at the beginning of the review, check it out if you want to see what the full game is like.

Posted by Tzer2 at 19:34 UTC, June 20th || 5 Comments

Sims 2 Pets now available on the N-Gage platform

The simulation game Sims 2: Pets has now gone live on N-Gage, you can download it directly to your phone from the N-Gage application's showroom. Naturally we'll be bringing you a review in due course. Now, where did we put that dog lead?

Posted by Tzer2 at 23:09 UTC, June 17th || 2 Comments

Snakes Subsonic is out now (but you may have to clear your cache to see it)

The eagerly-awaited next gen N-Gage game Snakes Subsonic is now available from the N-Gage application's showroom. However, one of us couldn't see it even after selecting "Update Now", click on the headline to find out how this problem was solved.

Posted by Steve Litchfield, Tzer2 at 6:51 UTC, May 22nd || 14 Comments

Travel back in time with your N-Gage-compatible phone

Phones that are compatible with N-Gage games are also compatible with Symbian S60 3rd Edition software, including emulators of classic home computers and consoles. There are currently S60v3 emulators for the following systems: Amstrad CPC, ColecoVision, Commodore 64, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Gear, MSX, NES, Sega Master System, Sinclair ZX Spectrum and SNES. There's also an emu for MAME arcade machine games. Click here to read our sister site AAS's feature about where to get these emulators, and about the machines they emulate.

Posted by krisse at 17:01 UTC, May 14th || 3 Comments
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