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The 1000 Person Snake

In a rather unorthodox piece of promotion, Nokia have created an elaborate short film featuring over one thousand extras as the world's largest game of Snake, along with an interactive human version of Breakout. To add to the fun it's been shot entirely in stop-motion animation using a still camera, and there are apparently no special effects at all, everything on screen existed in real life. UPDATE: The site is now open, you can watch/play the film at

Posted by Tzer2 at 23:09 UTC, April 11th || 4 Comments

Mippin Opens up Free Gaming Section

Mobile Content Portal Mippin continues to launch new features for its user base, and today sees the highly inventive 'Free Games' section of the site launched. With a couple of hundred games (supplied by Greystripe) to be rotated on a regular basis, Mippin is giving users another sticky reason to use the site.

Posted by Ewan Spence at 14:42 UTC, April 9th || 2 Comments

Nokia Publishing Contract up for Grabs in Developer Competition

Got an idea for a game? Then one idea to getting it published could be Nokia's Mobile Games Initiative Challenge. Announced today, it offers a 70,000 Euro prize fund, and a pre-production contract with Nokia publishing. More details on the dedicated web site.

Posted by Ewan Spence at 9:30 UTC, April 9th || 0 Comments

Promo and Demo videos of upcoming N-Gage titles

N-Gage fans will want to check out NeXtVideo's YouTube channel, as there are videos of almost every upcoming N-Gage title, including Brothers in Arms, Dogz, Midnight Pinball, Worms World Party, FIFA 08, and many more. Well worth watching and all we need now, Nokia, are the actual games to buy. I'm champing at the bit for Pro Series Golf, personally! (via S-W-L)

Posted by Steve Litchfield at 16:36 UTC, April 6th || 3 Comments

Nokia opens up beta test survey and free game to non-N81 owners

Officially, the recent N-Gage beta testing phase (aka "First Access") was only open to N81 owners. However, some people managed to find unofficial ways for other phones to take part as well. In recognition of this, the beta test feedback survey has been opened up to non-N81 owners as well, which means they'll also get a free copy of Mile High Pinball when it's released.

Posted by Tzer2 at 23:22 UTC, March 21st || 2 Comments

Forums and maps for Creatures Of The Deep

If you're a bit stuck in Hooked On: Creatures Of The Deep or you want to show off about something amazing you've found, take a look at the HO:COTD forums set up by the game's developers Infinite Dreams. As well as discussions about the game, they've also published all four maps in the game's hints forum, along with a grid overlay so you can tell people exactly where you've found particular fish or objects (for example A1 is in the top left hand corner, M13 is in the bottom right).

Posted by Tzer2 at 13:35 UTC, March 14th || 3 Comments

Nokia starts video games quiz mini-site

Nokia has published a new mini-site called For The Love Of Gaming, which contains a quiz with 15 questions (but drawn from a much larger pool of questions). The more you get right, the more a picture on the right of the screen is revealed. Unfortunately the questions are all geared towards American console gaming, while other retro gamers are mostly left out in the cold (no C64 or ZX Spectrum stuff, for example). (via the Official N-Gage Blog)

Posted by Tzer2 at 18:12 UTC, March 8th || 0 Comments

Pocket Gamer takes a look at Creebies, Dogz and Snakes Subsonic

Portable games site Pocket Gamer has recently published three exclusive hands-on previews of upcoming N-Gage titles: Creebies, Dogz and Snakes Subsonic. (Thanks to the official N-Gage blog for pointing this out.)

Posted by Tzer2 at 19:04 UTC, March 7th || 0 Comments

Nokia discusses details of full N-Gage launch

Pocket Gamer have a brief but very interesting interview with Jaakko Kaidesoja of Nokia where he discusses which phones will be N-Gage compatible at the proper N-Gage launch, and even mentions that there will be touchscreen-compatible N-Gage games (Nokia's already said they're going to release touchscreen S60 smartphones in 2008). (via the Official N-Gage Blog)

Posted by Tzer2 at 0:46 UTC, March 1st || 0 Comments

P@sco presents an unofficial N-Gage theme and lots of wallpapers

Renowned theme maker P@sco has just published an unofficial theme inspired by the new N-Gage platform, along with twenty wallpapers based on new N-Gage games. These work on all N-Gage phones, so go and check them out!

Posted by Tzer2 at 21:15 UTC, February 24th || 0 Comments
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