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First glimpse of hardware-accelerated Bounce for the Nokia N900

Nokia's own 3D platform game Bounce apparently has a new installment bundled with the upcoming Linux-based Nokia N900 smartphone. The graphics are a bit more realistic than on Boing Voyage, probably due to the N900's more powerful CPU and built-in graphics processor. Swedish phone site has included a brief clip of the new Bounce in their N900 hands-on video, which you can watch below. Bounce appears at 4:00. (via Maemo Talk)

Posted by Tzer2 at 5:32 UTC, September 5th || 27 Comments

What the N900 and Maemo 5 could mean for Ovi gaming

The N900 has been fully unveiled and is almost in the shops. We know it will support many Ovi services, though there's no word about Ovi Store yet (but that may come in the future). Looking at the hardware itself though, what will Maemo 5 and the N900 offer gamers? See below for some thoughts...

Posted by Tzer2 at 14:21 UTC, August 30th || 6 Comments

Nokia announces the N900, the start of their next generation of high-end smartphones

After months of rumours and leaks, the Nokia N900 has finally been officially announced. This marks the start of a brand new generation of Nokia smartphones with higher specification processors and graphics, and is arguably Nokia's first direct rival to the iPhone. The N900 uses the latest version of Nokia's Maemo Linux platform, and features a faster CPU and a lot more RAM than Nokia's current smartphones, as well as a QWERTY keyboard, 5mp camera, WVGA screen (800x480 pixels) and a slick new interface. You can find out more on our sister site All About Symbian, and we have some videos embedded below. Ovi Store should be coming to the N900, and together with it we expect some high quality accelerated 3D graphics too. The N900 should be available in October 2009 at an unlocked price of about 500 euros.

Posted by Tzer2 at 12:08 UTC, August 27th || 5 Comments

Nokia 5230 - Ovi-compatible touchscreen smartphone for 149 unlocked

Nokia has today announced the 5230 which will launch for €149 unlocked, the lowest-ever launch price for a smartphone. It's physically similar to the Nokia 5800, and has pretty much the same features as the 5800 but with a lower-spec camera (2 megapixels instead of 3.2mp) and no Wi-Fi. You can see pictures and a video of the 5230 below, and you may want to see our sister site All About Symbian's take on the story too.

Posted by Tzer2 at 13:12 UTC, August 25th || 1 Comment

Nokia announces the Nokia Booklet 3G mini-laptop preloaded with Ovi software

Nokia's entered the laptop world with their Nokia Booklet 3G, which you can see in a video embedded below. It's a 3G and Wi-FI compatible netbook with a 12-hour battery and a glass HD screen. It runs on Windows but comes preinstalled with a new version of Ovi Suite which will allow you to sync your phone to all of Nokia's Ovi services. We have no word yet on what this means for Ovi Store or Nokia's gaming strategy, but we will keep you posted. In the mean time you might want to have a look at our sister site All About Symbian's coverage of the announcement. Nokia's probably entering the laptop market partly to promote Ovi services and partly because so many phone network operators are selling mini-laptops.

Posted by Tzer2 at 14:09 UTC, August 24th || 2 Comments

How to install Ovi Store on the Nokia 6300

Another in our video walkthrough series, this time showing how to install the Ovi Store application on the Nokia 6300. This is the first video we've done that covers Series 40 phones, which have their own version of the Ovi Store app.

Posted by Tzer2 at 4:05 UTC, August 22nd || 2 Comments

How to install Ovi Store on the Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

Don't worry folks, not much more of these to go now! Yes, it's another video walkthrough of how to install the Ovi Store application, this time on the Nokia 5320 XpressMusic. For the techies out there, as a bit of an experiment in formats we've filmed this in "real life" and uploaded it in high definition 720p (click on the HD button to see the high definition version).

Posted by Tzer2 at 3:37 UTC, August 17th || 2 Comments

How to install Ovi Store on the Nokia N78

...and another one, this time a step-by-step video showing how to install Ovi Store on the Nokia N78 smartphone through Download and through See below for the embedded video.

Posted by Tzer2 at 23:40 UTC, August 16th || 0 Comments

How to install Ovi Store on the Nokia N85

Another video walkthrough, this time how to install Ovi Store on the Nokia N85 through Download and through the website. See below to watch the video...

Posted by Tzer2 at 18:05 UTC, August 16th || 0 Comments

How to install Ovi Store on the Nokia E71

Another one of our video walkthroughs, this time showing how to install Ovi Store on the Nokia E71 both through Download! and through the Ovi Store mobile website. You can watch the video embedded below. (Apologies to those of you who find these a bit pointless, but this series' videos are amongst our most popular on YouTube so there's clearly demand for them.)

Posted by Tzer2 at 14:28 UTC, August 16th || 1 Comment
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