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The (almost) complete N-Gage game collection

This will either be a complete blast from the past or a glimpse into a world you never knew existed, but.... Nokia had a complete multimedia-accelerated game scene going on back in the early 2000s under the name N-Gage (no, not the software re-invention, we're talking plug-in MMC games on dedicated S60 hardware) and Martin from Retro Game Tech has been putting up occasional videos showing this growing collection of N-Gage's illustrious past. The latest is shown below. Thanks to Jay for the heads-up.

Posted by Steve Litchfield at 14:29 UTC, February 21st

Gaming goodies up for grabs and purchase in the Ovi Store

New(ish) in Nokia's Ovi Store are a number of interesting free and commercial 'casual'/'traditional' games from Offscreen Technologies, available for both S60 5th Edition and new Symbian^3 phones from Nokia, including Freecell, (peg) Solitaire, Video Poker and Checkers. See below for screens, mini-reviews and links. And yes, full reviews of some of the big blockbuster 'HD' games are progressing in parallel, to be published over the next couple of weeks!

Posted by Steve Litchfield at 10:34 UTC, October 27th

Review: Flying Drop

Ewan checks out the latest Tetris-variant/wannabe, Flying Drop, and finds it distinctly lacking in variation, addictiveness and fun. Which is not to say that it lacks colour or promise - it's just not very good as it stands. Here's the Flying Drop review.

Posted by Steve Litchfield at 18:04 UTC, September 8th || 1 Comment

Your Wednesday Reviews: MicroPinball Casino and Color Master

Botond.FM's 'instant' games have a definite appeal for quick gaming sessions. This is the latest incarnation of MicroPinball Casino, for S60 5th Edition phones, now with 'multitouch' even on resistive-screened devices - no, really. Here's my review of MicroPinball, tested on both the Nokia 5530 and the Samsung i8910, over on our Ovi Gaming site. Also posted this morning is my review of the free Color Master, which you'll know better under its classic board game title of 'Mastermind'. Hey, there goes your afternoon's productivity!

Posted by Steve Litchfield at 10:58 UTC, September 8th || 3 Comments

Dino Detective

Here on AAS's Ovi Gaming site, Ewan reviews a fresh revamp of an old classic - Minesweeper - that gets turned completely on its head and given a fresh lick of stone age paint into the bargain. An unholy attempt? More a modern classic and it's got Ewan impressed. Here's his review of Dino Detective.

Posted by Rafe Blandford at 7:29 UTC, August 27th || 0 Comments


In our latest (and shortest?) Ovi Gaming review, Ewan looks at MotionSpeed, perhaps a modern equivalent to Whack-a-mole. The title comes across well, though it's best played using a device with capacitive screen, which in the Ovi Store world means just the Nokia X6 at the moment. Read on...

Posted by Steve Litchfield at 12:35 UTC, August 22nd || 0 Comments

BoxIt2 Review

As part on our on-going series of games reviews Ewan takes a look at BoxIt2 from inner Acctive. It's a Sokobahn style game, where the aim is solve the box pushing puzzle, over multiple levels. From the game play to the graphics, Ewan finds a well executed implementation of this classic puzzle game, which earns BoxIt2 a thumbs up and a recommended rating.

Posted by Rafe Blandford at 12:28 UTC, August 19th || 0 Comments

Hunting high and low for Wally, how does he work on a smartphone?

"No..." "No..." "There he is!". Yes, for some Friday fun it's Capcom Europe's port of the popular children's book series, Where's Wally! How well does an artwork based book translate to the gaming world on your smartphone? Ewan decides to risk a pun and takes a look.

Posted by Ewan Spence at 15:49 UTC, July 30th || 0 Comments

Trivial Pursuit

With both classic and (ahem) 'pursuit' game modes, Trivial Pursuit in the Ovi Store has been impressing Ewan in terms of sheer playability and implementation - here's our Ovi Gaming review. The only flaws seem to be the relatively low number of possible questions and the lack of true multiplayer action, but hey, isn't this on sale at the moment as well? Run, don't walk around the TP board to the Ovi Store and grab this for the holidays right now.

Posted by Steve Litchfield at 16:49 UTC, July 14th || 2 Comments

Snake Revolution

It's Snake, but with levels, power ups and something of a complete overhaul (though staying in 2D) and it's out now in the Ovi Store, with a trial version. At which point I look through my review archives to find a suitable review - and I don't have to look any further than Mr Snake himself, Ewan Spence. Here's his full Ovi Gaming review of Snake Revolution.

Posted by Steve Litchfield at 10:07 UTC, June 29th || 0 Comments
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