Classic N-Gage - remember the old days?

N-Gage Classic (aka Nokia N-Gage and N-Gage QD)

We are in a whole new generation now, but in the dim and distant past there was the first generation of N-Gage. We like to call it N-Gage classic. Back in those days AAN reviewed games that came on MMC Cards (how quaint!) and tried to avoid mentioning taco-tastic sidetalking (you see the QD was actually quite good you see...)ovigaming

There was actually a lot going for the classic N-Gage, espeicially in the second half of its active life. Some of the next generation games (or at least their predecessors) were first seen on the classic. In the Classic section you can find much of the old content of AAN including our reviews, comprehensive games list and features. There may be some stuff missing, but you can probably find this over in the archives of All About Symbian.

Classic Games

The N-Gage classic had more games than most people seem to realise. Here is our listing of the released, cancelled or otherwise games from the original AAN site. In the games list you can find fond memories of the years gone by. Please note this list is no longer bing updated or maintained.


Remember when N-Gage games came on MMC Cards in plastic boxes? Remember tyring to find the little beggars in retail locations. Such was the lot of classic N-gagers. All About N-Gage reviewed nearly all the original MMC games. You can find the reviews listed on this page. Incidentally you now buy (and download to a blank MMC card) many of these games from the N-Gage section of Nokia Software Market for 10 Euros.


There were features a plenty on how to get the best out of your N-Gage. This section also featured interviews with game designers, preview of forthcoming games and who could forget the classic Rear Talking Mod?

Fondly remembered...

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